Thank you for your interest in Hurricane Payments! 

We give you the most options for your credit card processing.  Either you can pay the processing fee as you would with Square, or you can pass the fee on to the customer. (Generally, the fee is about 45 cents.)  If you choose to pass the fee on you will never see a bill from us. 

Reach out to us today our phone number is 1-888-913-6679

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2-in-1 Bluetooth reader

3-in-1 Bluetooth reader

Smart Terminal

Smart Flex

Smart Point of Sale

Free Free Free Placement + $9.95/mo software fee Free Placement + $19.95/mo software
$49.95 one time setup fee
Free Placement + $39.95/mo software fee
$99.95 one time setup fee
Magstripe reader Bluetooth chip + NFC reader Stand with chip/NFC reader Terminal Register
$10 $49 $169 $299 $799
Clover Go Clover Mini Clover Flex Clover Station Clover Station + Mini
$69 $649 $579 $1,878 $1,878
Android ✓(mobile)
iOS ✓(mobile) ✓(mobile) ✓(mobile)
Desktop ✓ Payments Hub ✓ Square Dashboard ✓ Clover Dashboard
Program and Funding
Batch Time 9PM EST 8pm ET Varies
Next Day Funding Varies
Same Day Funding No
Instant Funding No
Merchant Portal Free Free Free
Phone, Email, Chat, Knowledge Base Support
Swiped/Dipped/Contactless 2.85% + 25 cents or Edge 3.5% + 15 cents Varies
Keyed 3.49% + $0.19 3.75% + $0.15 Varies
Custom Pricing ✓ Talk to a rep ✓ Must process $250k annually w/ $15 avg ticket Varies
Pay as you go 2.75% + 15 cents 2.6% + 15 cents Varies
Invoices 2.75% + 15 cents 2.9% + $0.30 n/a
Virtual Terminal 2.75% + 15 cents 3.5% + $0.15 Varies
Employee Management Free $29/month + $5/month Per employee Varies
Unique Transaction Types
PIN Debit ✓  No ✓ 
Alipay ✓  No Varies
EBT ✓    No No

**Edge is our proprietary program where you present a cash and credit price to the consumer and have little to no payment processing fees.